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Back Pain - Serious or Not?

I’ll just pick up that piece of paper and toss it into the……arrrrgh!
What the *#!&%@+* just happened to my back?

woman holding lower backA variation of this story gets told almost daily at the physio clinic. There is a sudden back pain that seems to come on for some seemingly small stress or movement. The pain can be localized to the back or can start sending pain and numbness into the buttocks and legs. Now the question to answer is whether or not this is a serious problem or one of the typical muscle strains we all can get from time to time.

Things to consider include:

  • Was there a ‘pop’ at the time of injury?
  • If you have pain going down the leg, did it come on immediately or gradually?
  • Is there functional weakness so that you cannot use certain muscles or is it pain limiting your movement?
  • Is there any obvious swelling?
  • Are there certain movements blocked or is your posture shifted to the side?
  • Lastly, is there numbness in the area where your butt would contact a saddle or have you lost control/ability of bowel and bladder function?

These are all questions your therapist will be asking you.

All of these signs can be pertinent however if you answer yes to the last question, it is probably better to go to the hospital for evaluation and treatment. If your symptoms are any of the others listed, drop by the clinic and we’ll have a look to see what can be done to relieve your pain.

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