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But I Don't Play Tennis!

ElbowThis has to be one of the funniest responses any physical therapist can get after telling someone they have been given a diagnosis of Tennis Elbow. Tennis Elbow is a mechanical injury to the outer elbow usually caused by overuse although it can happen from injury or trauma. Classic symptoms include decreased hand grip strength and long lasting pain at the outer elbow. Some days the pain seems to have reduced quite a bit only to find the next day it hurts worse than before. The ability to pick something up and carry has not been affected, but try to grip the object and you swear your hand has aged 40 years quicker than the rest of you.

The important thing to remember with Tennis Elbow is it is NOT a tear, damage or rip in the tendon/muscle. It is NOT a weakness that needs to be exercised in order to strengthen it. It is an OVERUSE which requires modified activity and gentle support until the majority of the inflammation has resolved. Only then can you start an exercise program in order to return to full function.

Weakened Grip On One Hand?

If you are switching hands to grip something because the one elbow is just too painful, if you have noticed a weakened grip on one hand, if your elbow has sharp shooting pains or if you have to grab your coffee cup with both hands opened (you look like a squirrel eating), you might have Tennis Elbow. Give us a call at 360 Mayfield and we can assess your situation and prescribe the appropriate techniques and stretches to help calm your elbow down.

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