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Carpal Tunnel

Hey doc, I keep waking up in the night with my fingers numb.”

carpal tunnel That symptom by itself fortunately isn’t very serious. When my patients come to see me with these symptoms there is a very specific pattern of numbness and pain that has to be present in order for it to be diagnosed as carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel syndrome cannot be experienced into the forearm. It will only affect the middle three fingers and part of the palm of the hand. Even with that description, there are other possibilities that need to be excluded before a diagnosis of carpal tunnel can be confirmed.

Carpal tunnel occurs as a result of compression happening to the one specific nerve passing through the palm side of the wrist. This nerve generally only feeds the pointer, middle and ring finger of the hand although slight variations in the patterns can occur.


The best treatment to relieve the symptoms is to take the pressure off the nerve. This can be done in a few ways from ice to stretching and resting splints. If this doesn’t work well, maybe you need to come in and let the therapist have a look at it to decide on what treatment should be started.

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