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Low Back Pain

Whether it happens every morning and gets better as the day goes on or it starts off good and is worse at the end of the day, back pain is, well, a pain in the back.

There are a variety of causes of back pain. Some are minor, some are major. Some are benign, some are dangerous. There are general exercises and stretches that can be helpful for back pain but a proper assessment of the cause is always recommended.

So, if you have back pain and there is numbness going down your leg, come in and see me. If you have some back pain but are noticing weakness in one leg, come in and see me. If you have been having issues with your bowel or bladder (such as inability or accidents), better get your doctor first. The fortunate thing is that these sorts of events are relatively rare.


When you come in to see a therapist regarding your back pain, be prepared to spend some time explaining when and how the pain manifests itself through the day. The therapist will ask you to do some movements, check your strength, test reflexes and perform a few specific tests before deciding on what type of problem you are experiencing. In 90% of the cases it only takes 3 to 4 visits to resolve the problem.

Booking a visit with the therapist can usually be done the same day you call and at 360 Mayfield we do one on one care.
Give us a try.

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