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Meet our New Holistic Nutritionist!

fruit-and-vegetablesHi! My name is Angela Sladen and I am the new Holistic Nutrition Practitioner at 360 Wellness at the Mayfield and Spruce Grove locations. I am excited to work with the amazing team at 360 Wellness and, you, their patient.

Personalized Health Programs

My passion is helping people develop a Total Health Method that meets their needs, their lifestyle, and their goals. Every body is different so I create personalized health programs, focused on therapeutic applications of nutrition and essential oils and include other natural health options for each of my clients.

A Partner in Your Health Journey

I believe a Total Health Method includes addressing the health needs of mind, body, and emotions so the protocols I develop include solutions for all three areas and I walk with my clients through the process of regaining their health – they are never alone in their journey.

A Total Health Consultation

I offer a complementary 30-minute Total Health consultation for each new client during which we discuss their current health challenges and health history so we can begin creating a future free of dis-ease and discomfort and full of vitality and confidence.

Be sure to read on for testimonials!

I look forward to serving you,

Angela Sladen
Holistic Nutrition Practitioner
Registered Sports Nutrition Advisor
Certified Essential Oils Coach
Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner



I have been interacting with Angela on a daily basis for one and a half years now. She has been instrumental in having me achieve my goals of health, fitness and weight loss. Angela is highly encouraging, an educator at heart and empowering. She is an excellent mentor who leads not only by words but by example. I lost 85 pounds and 60 inches in only 13 months!

Stay Tuned!

Each week I would like to share some health information with you to help you on your journey. This week’s post is the first of two – The Science of Nutrition.

Enjoy, and if you have any questions please be sure to send them my way.

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