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Meet the Team

360° Wellness – Mayfield is proud to have an extensive multidisciplinary team of professional practitioners to guide you on the path to wellness. We take a holistic approach to your care, addressing every part of your health from the emotional support from our staff Psychologist to the skilled spinal adjustments of Dr. Leah, our experienced Chiropractor. Exercise is a fundamental part of our care regimen and we offer Physiotherapist and Massage Therapists to get you feeling great inside and out. Take a moment to get to know our amazing team:

Chiropractor – Dr. Leah Sartison


Before joining 360 Wellness Mayfield, I had quite the journey bringing me to the chiropractic realm. My involvement with sports and movement first started out by playing ACAC Soccer with Concordia University in Edmonton, where I played for three years before completing my Bachelors of Physical Education at the University of Alberta in 2011. My work as a personal trainer at Millennium Place in Sherwood Park ignited my love for human movement and optimizing function, leading to a three-year journey at the University of Western States, where I completed my Doctor of Chiropractic and Masters in Science of Sports Medicine.

Since graduating, I have worked with numerous athletes from a wide variety of ages and experiences, one of my most memorable being my time with the BCHL’s Vernon Vipers.

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Sara Dias Front Desk

Front Desk – Sara Dias

Sara is the friendly face that will be welcoming you to the 360 Wellness Mayfield Clinic. Sara comes with firsthand experience in dealing with the 360 Wellness team after being in a car accident in fall of 2016. Through following the MVA protocol and treatment plan provide by the team, Sara has had a speedy recovery. If you have any questions fell free to ask her, she is a great testimony to how the combined treatments work.

Physiotherapist, Randy Littmann

Physiotherapy – Randy Littmann PT, BScPT

Randy places a high value on versatility. He has found that there is not one technique or treatment that works uniformly on every client. As a result, he has continued post graduate training in many different techniques found inside and out of the physio world. Randy has been certified in medical (western) acupuncture and dry needling in both and neurological needling. He has completed training in McKenzie techniques and is currently working on his Mulligan levels. He is also trained in working with chronic pain, vertigo, concussions and vestibular problems along with the standard complement of physical therapy techniques. He is ready to treat everything from back pain to broken bones, motor vehicle accidents to work injuries, dizziness to deQuervain’s. He’s certified in Functional Capacity Evaluations (WorkWell Systems) and currently has a diverse case load, in both locations (Spruce Grove and Mayfield).

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Randy also has helped young sports enthusiasts to keep pursuing their passion, offering free complimentary concussion assessments to various sport teams in the community. After more than 2 decades in the field, there is not much that can surprise him anymore. However, he still appreciates to be presented with challenges, when he is brought different symptoms or injuries/illness, he enjoys solving the “puzzle”.

In your first visit with Randy, expect to have someone who throws the computer and papers off to the side for the first part of your visit. He wants to hear what you have to say first and only then get into the physical investigation after you have described what has been going on.

Randy didn’t always know he wanted to be in physiotherapy; he started out working in mechanical industrial engineering; after two years of working in oilfield service and supply, he decided to change careers. He attended the University of Alberta, graduating with a physical therapy degree in 1992.

He spent the next 7 years working at hospitals in Alberta and Oregon before starting in private practice, working in a variety of private clinics in rural and urban Alberta before opening the multi-disciplinary 360 Mayfield Clinic, in collaboration with other health professionals in 2018. Randy is happily married. He keeps himself busy outside of work by doing home renovations, playing guitar and bass, experimenting with ethnic cooking, gardening, repairing old computers, raising geese in the backyard and brewing wine in the basement.

Physiotherapist – Maunik Bhavsar


Maunik Bhavsar has completed hi Bachelors of Physiotherapy in 2013 in India. Also, while training to become a physiotherapist he accomplished yoga training and fitness management.

After practicing physiotherapy for 1.5 years in India, Maunik decided to move to Canada to further his career. Maunik received his certification to be a Physiotherapist in Canada, passed all his exams and got his licence, and has been working in Edmonton Area as a Physiotherapist since 2018. Maunik also completed his Health and Fitness Management course from Humber College of Toronto.

Maunik has a strong interest is orthopedics and enjoys going hiking, playing table tennis and cricket.

Susan UllyotRegistered Provisional Psychologist – Susan Ullyot

I graduated from the University of Calgary, University of Lethbridge and the Athabasca University with a Masters in Counselling Psychology and later completed a Post Masters Certificate in Counselling Psychology. I also have a Bachelor of Education and have been a teacher, behaviour specialist, and school psychologist for over 20 years. I have extensive experience working with children and adolescents and have found working with this age group to be tremendously rewarding… Read More about Susan

Pamela MurrayRegistered Psychologist – Pamela Murray, MC

I believe in a holistic and collaborative approach to counselling. I believe individuals are the experts in their own lives and have strengths and resources from which to solve their problems. My goal is to provide a safe, non- judgmental space in which to help you explore the relationship with issues you may be struggling with.

I am a Registered Provisional Psychologist and I completed my Master’s of Counselling Psychology through Athabasca University… Read More about Pamela

Registered Massage Therapist – Brittiany Peacock

Brittiany PeacockHelping others has always been a part of who I am. I was that child who would offer to massage family and friends in hope of helping out.

It wasn’t until after my two boys that I decided to learn the science behind massage therapy. I enrolled in the two-year program at Grant MacEwan University where I further developed my skills. There I began my journey to a better understanding of what massage therapy is truly about.

Thomas Bretschneider

Registered Massage Therapist – Thomas Bretschneider

Shortly after he graduated at Makami College in Edmonton, I became a Lead Instructor for the Massage Therapy Course and taught the second-year program for 6 years.

While I was instructing I also continued working for chiropractic and physio therapy clinic’s and worked on a vast variety of different people and cases. Some of the common issues I worked on with my clients were MVA’s, sport injuries, whiplash, joint capsule adhesion, muscle tension, myofascial adhesion, lower back pain, headaches, planta fascia, fibromyalgia.

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I have my certifications in several other modalities that I combine to create a unique and personal synthesis for each individual session. Utilizing different therapies, I strive to find the clients priorities and addresses them one layer at a time. I truly believe in massage as a
viable modality for enhancing overall health and wellbeing.


  • Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) by Dr.Andreo Spina
  • Myo-skeletal Therapy by Dr.Erik Dalton
  • Advanced Sport massage by Kip Petch
  • Cyriax’s Friction Therapy by Dr.Lanre Salami
  • Orthopedic massage by James Waslaski
  • PNF stretching
  • Universal College of Foot Reflexology


Registered Massage Therapist – Connie Baxter

Specialist in injury recovery and personal wellness

Connie’s training began on the early 1990s and since that time she has committed herself to gathering a variety of effective treatment modalities. She was educated in Edmonton at MacEwan, obtained her city license in 1992 and sat the entrance exams for the MTAA in 1998.

Deep tissue massage, pre- and post-natal massage, St. John Neuromuscular Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Myofacial Release, Sports Massage, PNF stretching and Reiki are just a few of the tools in her treatment toolbox and Connie uses all of them in her daily practice. With 25 years of experience, Connie can provide you the individual care you need with a depth of knowledge and a soothing touch.

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“I enjoy challenges and your personal well-being is very important to me. My goal is to combine the many skills I possess to bring you the massage experience you deserve. In a stress-filled world, comfort and relief are at hand, in my hands.”


Ariel Anderson, Registered Massage Therapist

Ariel has completed her 3000 hour programming at Makami College.Her treatments are focused mainly on deep tissue and trigger point therapy to reduce pain and increase range of motion. Treatments can also include relaxation as well as hot stone massage. Ariel chose massage therapy as a profession because of her desire to help people.

Ideal Protein Coach – Colleen SharkieColleen-Sharkie

I was overweight my whole life. Teased in school because of my weight. At my biggest, I was wearing a size 24 pants. I hated having to buy my clothes in the plus sized store and when I traveled by plane, I had to ask for a seat belt extension. I lost a lot of weight and maintained it for a few years before I met my boyfriend and my weight started slowly creeping back up. I gained fifty pounds back and I was devastated. I tried losing the weight again on my own but nothing was happening.

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I heard about Ideal Protein from a coworker. I went online and looked for a location closest to me. I figured it was worth learning more about so I emailed and set up a time for a consultation. It was May 2016 and I met with Lori. I signed up that night and began my journey. I lost seven pounds in my first week. Having to go in every week made me accountable
and helped me stick with the program. The snacks were a life saver! I lost the initial fifty pounds that I wanted to lose and then another twenty five making it a total of 75 pounds.

I became a coach because I wanted to inspire and help others. I know the struggle of weight loss. I believe in Ideal Protein and I know it works. Let me help you get to your goals!


Ideal Protein Coach – Lori Folk

My name is Lori and I have struggle with my weight most of my life. After two kids and trying every diet out there with some success and some fails. I would lose the weight and than put the weight all back on as well as extra weight. I started to get depressed and didn’t like myself.

Ideal Protein clinic moved in across the hall from where I work. I would walk by and think I should try this program…..but then I would think how would I quit? (as I always did) if she saw me everyday.
Read More About Lori

Finally I took the leap and started in May 2012 wearing a very tight 2XL weigh in at 225 lbs It was the diet I have been looking for all my life. It taught me portion size and I ate normal food. After losing and slipping some weeks I finally reached my goal weight of 165 lbs.

After a few months of being on phase 4 I knew I still needed to lose 30 lbs to get out of the risk zone!! So I started phase 1 again and now I am a size 6 and my weight is 140 lbs. I lost 85 lbs thanks to Ideal Protein. The program really changed my life and I decided I wanted to change other people lives so I became a Coach to help other achieve their goals. Let me help you become the person you can be So, if you are ready for a change in your life please feel free to book a consultation with me so we can get you on the path to become the best that you can be!

Contact our team today and take that step to improve your wellness!

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