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Shockwave sounds pretty scary at first until you realize it is not an electrical treatment but rather more close to a medical grade jackhammer. Shockwave or ESWT (ExtraCorporeal Shock Wave Treatment) is a high energy impact wave that gets transmitted directly through the skin to affect tissues at a deeper level.

So the net question is usually, ‘Does it hurt?” Yes, and no. Initially when you first get treated it can feel irritating. After the initial irritation settles down, there is usually no further pain and the treat continues to its completion.

What does shockwave actually do?

There are several effects that shockwave provides. Firstly, it can reverse a chronic inflammation and resolve the chemical substance causing localized pain. It also breaks down calcified fibroblasts which is a fancy way to describe removing a buildup of calcium spurs where it should not be. Shockwave also stimulate collagen growth to help rebuild tears in muscle, tendons and ligaments so the final result is hopefully as strong as the original. Shockwave can also be instrumental in resolving trigger points in muscles that have been chronically been tight.

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