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So What are Shin Splints?

I just finished a run and my shins are throbbing!”

I am not a runner and do not really understand the attraction this activity has garnered in the last decade. Nevertheless, there are those that enjoy this form of exercise and do sustain injuries from it.

As a short definition, shin splints are the result of overuse of the lower leg. It can show up as irritated and swollen muscles in the front of the leg or can even be seen on x-rays and small fractures across the front of the tibia (shin bone). This kind of injury is common enough for those who use their legs strongly in activity.

Typical causes of shin splints include ramping up your workout intensity or distance. It can also happen when you change from running on a softer course (grass, dirt track) to a harder surface.

Not surprisingly, the best treatment for this is to rest the affected area for a period of time.

This will allow any possible micro fractures to fuse and you will be ready to damage the legs all over again. If the pain is not going away, drop by the physio at 360 Mayfield. We have means to assess and treat this injury beyond what letting it rest can do.

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