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So What is Tendonitis Exactly?

Man using ice pack on knee

“Every time I move THIS way it hurts really bad.”

Of all the possible injuries that can cause this kind of pain, let’s assume it is tendonitis. For the purposes of this blurb I will be ignoring all the other possible causes for pain associated with movement. So what is it, meaning tendonitis? Breaking the word down, ‘itis’ is a medical description of inflammation. The location is not specified so we need to add a location to direct our attention properly. Therefore tendonitis is an inflammation of any specific tendon.

Generally there only two causes for tendonitis, mechanical or chemical. Mechanical causes can include major or minor trauma, overloading and repetitive loading. Chemical injury usually involves the presence of a foreign body (bacteria, virus, etc) or a systemic disease (rheumatoid arthritis for example).

Regardless, the tendon is injured and needs to get healed. Ice can be a friend for the first few days especially if the area is hot to the touch. Gentle heat can help later on in the healing process. Gentle movement that does not aggravate the pain can also be useful. If the problem does not resolve using these treatments, drop by and see one of the staff at 360 Wellness. We would love to help you move without pain and return to enjoying life.

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